Setting up Agile-Scrum properly – operational, practical details

Most VLEs do not understand Agile. Without a Centre of Excellence, Agile-Scrum is doomed to be corrupted, interpreted differently and not able to scale across VLE’s distributed delivery environments. It is worth emphasising that the more distributed your team, the less chance of success you will have with Agile. Co-Location is almost a necessity if you really want to deploy Agile on complex, or medium-sized and above projects.

Different drivers in the transformation to Agility
Reality does Bite
No PMs
COE must codify a document explaining Agile-Scrum
Roles are often not well understood
Agile means milestones, output and documentation
Agile is iterative
Agile is visual
Agile is productive
Agile is keeping the process simple
Agile is part of transformation

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