Craig F.R. Read
MSc, IMBA, MA, HBA, Certificate in C.S., various accreditation’s, AWS, Salesforce, Big Data, ITIL etc.

But they don’t matter that much.  Reality is a good teacher.


25 years in IS and Consultancy, building systems, interacting with the C Suite and Engineers, along with Business Managers in 10 different countries.  Most industries have been covered and over 250 firms have been engaged.  Methods, approaches and concepts are customized to fit the business issue at hand and the focus is on real results, not useless models and ‘strategy’.

The Approach

Transformational change is fraught with issues – especially as it relates to IT or IS.  About 60% of IS projects fail some quite spectacularly.  Bankruptcies have resulted from many failed projects including ERP, Cloud and large systems migration.  In other cases, market share and competitive advantage has been negatively affected from not aligning IS to the Business strategy.

The approach is a 3 phased practical and hands-on plan to assess-align and implement necessary changes in both business processes and information systems, which will drive profits and improve productivity.  The average ROI term is 3-6 months – guaranteed.