AWS Data Exchange for S3

AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3

AWS Data Exchange is becoming available for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a new feature that enables data subscribers to access third-party data files directly from data providers’ Amazon S3 buckets.


-Subscribe to a data provider’s S3 bucket

-Use the 3rd party data within your own applications for data analysis or other use cases

-No need to manage the copies of the source data or store them

-No need to worry about the security or integrity of the source data

AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 allows customer to use third-party data files for their data analysis with AWS services without needing to create or manage data copies, as well as data providers who want to offer in-place access to data hosted in their Amazon S3 buckets.

Once data subscribers are entitled to an AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 data set, they can start their data analysis without having to set up their own S3 buckets, copy data files into those S3 buckets, or pay associated storage fees.

Customers access the same S3 objects that the data provider maintains and are therefore always using the most up-to-date data available, without additional engineering or operational work.