Some key principles in migrating large systems to AWS

Migrating Large systems into AWS – key processes (pdf presentation)

Presentation attached outlines some key ideas around moving large, interdependent systems into AWS.

  1. Break the System(s) into smaller parts or Tranches
  2. Make the Tranche grouping logical
  3. Understand inter-tranche and systems/application dependency
  4. Set up the TOM (Target Operating Model) in AWS first
  5. If many apps use a Middleware API layer such as Mulesoft (decoupling)
  6. Create Design Patterns and mapping (Base patterns + customisation)
  7. This includes AMI stacks (base + baked + customised)
  8. Create a Design architecture for each tranche (bottoms up view)
  9. Migration is separate from DevOps
  10. Migrate, deploy, stabilise, then rework, enhance
  11. Integrate testing with DevOps
  12. Have a defined and logical DevOps pipeline process
  13. Automate everything
  14. Build in HA, DR into patterns and design
  15. Use a mixed architecture, RESTful, with JDBC and ORM, Rest does not talk with JDBC

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