Containers, use cases, ideas and BlockChain Overview presentation on Containers including their use cases, upsides, demerits and challenges. Containers  (pdf presentation)

Containers will become more prevalent.  Existing models can integrate Containers and a vision with its existing services and methods eg. Apps modernisation, Integration, Security, Java frameworks, EJBs

What does the market need help with ?

  1. Proper App, Container design as well as coding and application dev
  2. Building App specific Container patterns to maximise benefits (security, isolation, lightweight etc), including network, HA, Security patterns
  3. Building Hybrid architectures with a proper mix of VMs, Containers, and Pods (consulting on where to use Containers vs VMs)
  4. Management and Orchestration of Containers (incl pattern usage)
  5. Block Chain devops and using Containers within the Block Chain process (large future market)
  6. POCs with Kubernetes and Docker in Apps Dev, iOT, Infra, Security


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